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Ah, guys who have friended Flex:

Just a quick note, anyone who is logged in as Flex (which I obviously am right now) can see your friends-locked entries. Security risk, privacy issues, blahblah etc. Mods are sort of exempt since we mostly have each other friended already.

Not that we check Flex's friendspage when we're logged in, but it's still not a good idea to friend this account ;).

[Draft sorta] New sidebar code breaking stuff test cases

// have tested these more or less when I converted the comm code from the old to the new. Check the revisions to the CSS one last time before posting to make sure we don't miss anything

We've revamped the structure of the sidebar to make it easier to modify, and we think that this code is better and more flexible. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to find a way to do so that was completely compatible with the old code. If you have not touched the sidebar or anything sidebar-related, then you should have no problems. If you have modified the sidebar using only the customization wizard (rearranging boxes, selecting which boxes should be displayed, editing sidebar box titles, changing sidebar colors), then you will also have no problems.

However, if you have modified your sidebar according to the original sidebar tutorial, or you are using an external stylesheet, then certain parts of your sidebar may suddenly appear different, and we thought it was best that we warn you now so you will be prepared when the new code goes live.

Why we decided to change sidebar printing so drastically: Collapse )

Why these changes cause old code to break: Collapse )

How do I find out whether the shift to the new code will affect me or not? How do I fix my layout when the new code comes out?: Collapse )

[Paid Users] Adding more boxes to the sidebar/Putting HTML in the sidebar/Formatting sidebar content

This is an update of the original tutorial by cyrnelle. Those who are updating their customizations from the old code may wish to either look here for an explanation of updates to sidebar-related code, or go here to ask for one-to-one assistance in converting their code.

1. Create a new theme layer. (Follow the steps in this post to create a theme layer.) If you have already created a theme layer for the style, just add the following code to it.

2. Copy the following and modify the parts in red as you see fit. Paste it in the theme layer and compile.

Collapse )

3. You can use any name for the variables (extra1_title, for example, or abcdefghijklmnop), but it is best to give them meaningful names so you can easily identify what each sidebar box is supposed to do.

4. If you think you will want to use CSS to format a particular sidebar box differently, you may give it an (optional) id. For more details, see the grab bag of tips and tricks below.

5. The order of the items in your sidebar depends on how you arrange the code in blue.

6. By adding this to your theme layer, please note that now the option to change the order of the items in the wizard does nothing to your journal. You have to rearrange the parts in blue in the layer if you want to modify their order.

7. You can add as many extra boxes as you want.

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[Draft] New Code FAQ/New Code Changes

If you're reading this, then the new code has gone live and you have one of three questions:

  1. Why did my layout suddenly change (should I panic)?

    Collapse )

  2. New code has gone live. Why didn't my layout change (should I panic)?

    Collapse )

  3. Lots of new code has gone live. Aaargh, how am I supposed to integrate these changes with my own customizations?

    Collapse )

    1. My layout is working just fine. Do I have to update my code?

      Collapse )

    2. This is all fine and dandy, but how do I tell if there were important bug fixes or new options in something I've customized?

      Collapse )

    3. Where can I see a comprehensive list of all the code changes so I can figure out if my customizations need to be changed?

      ( Answer within... ) //Link needs to be filled in.

This post attempts to explain in detail the changes present in the new code. Because there are a lot, these have been divided into sections: bug fixes, added features, code optimizations, and a log of old system-style changes.

Bug fixes are changes that correct display issues, fix browser compatibility issues, make Flexible Squares conform with other public Livejournal styles, and other such changes. Added features are generally additions to the code that make the layout more customizable. Many of these are things frequently requested by members of the community. Code optimizations are changes that do not change any functionality of Flexible Squares, but make parts of the layout easier to modify using S2/CSS. Finally, the log of old system-style changes is a list of those changes that were made live systemwide some time back, but might not have been noticed. Those who overrode certain functions (such asprint_entry) early on may not yet have updated their style to reflect these.

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Please keep in mind that although this code update corrects and adds a lot of things, it's still code and has some issues. Here is a currently list of the known issues for the new code:
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